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100% Certified Organic  /  GMO-Free Produce

Our 2021 TOMATO SEEDLINGS are ready for purchase online below or for farm pick-up. As always we have a great selection of heirlooms that are adapted to our growing conditions on the Island, plus a few new varieties that we are trying this year. All varieties are open-pollinated and certified organic. 


There are a small number of 'HOUSE' tomato plants started mid-February which are starting to flower now, still available to purchase at $10 at the Farm Gate. House is a miniature Russian heirloom red cherry tomato, brought to Canada in the 1890s, that will produce indoors all year round by a warm sunny window. 


We will also be offering a limited number of squash, cucumber, melon and peanut seedlings in mid-June. Stay tuned.


A limited number of tomato seedlings will be at the Summerside Farmers' Market each week but space is limited. 


FARM GATE: Potted up kale, catnip, lemon balm, thyme, elecampane and more available. Also basil, parsley and oregano plants will soon be ready. Strawberry plants in flats of 25 for $30.


Please follow up-to-date posts on Emmerdale Eden Farm Facebook page.

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