A Proudly-Organic & Family-Owned Business by Arthur & Tina Davies.

We have been farming since the early 1970s and love what we do. When our children were growing up we milked our ‘Emmerdale Ayrshires’ in Stirling, Ontario, and grew a big garden just for us. Organic wasn’t a buzz word back then, but our garden was all natural – no chemicals allowed!


We purchased a dairy farm in Stirling in Eastern Ontario, bought pure-bred Ayrshire heifers and eventually became “Emmerdale Ayrshires”, raising pigs and poultry until the heifers grew and freshened. We raised our 3 children, Melissa, Caitlin and Alex on Emmerdale Farm.


Years later when our grandchildren started to arrive, I was so proud of our girls insisting the wee ones only be fed organic food. It was Melissa, our eldest daughter, who encouraged us to get into organic farming – which we did in 2004, moving to beautiful Prince Edward Island and Emmerdale Eden Farm.


Over the past few years, with our organic heritage livestock gone, we have grown our vegetable and fruit business as well as incorporating more seed-saving into our market farm. Each year, we trial new varieties for many traits such as ease of growing, productivity, flavour and appeal, nutrition, holding ability/shelf-life, disease resistance, plus the ability to produce good seed in a short season and ever-changing climate. We sell year-round at the Summerside Farmers' Market.

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Front Row: Tina, daughter Melissa, Devon, daughter Caitlin Back Row: Eilidh, Pippa, Iona, Arthur


Son Alex at Love Uganda


Alex’s Fiance, Jane.

Arthur selling cheese

Arthur at the Summerside Farmers’ Market.


Emmerdale Eden Farm specializes in growing and preserving heirloom vegetables, herbs and flowers, and saving their seeds as they adapt to our maritime climate.


We prize old family favourites, tried and true and full of flavour! Yet there are many dedicated plant breeders today who are creating wonderful new varieties, especially for organic systems, that thrive in our rich chemical-free soil. We continually trial these new varieties and select those that show promise.


As climate changes, so too must our methods of farming, along with our varietal choices. Only through diligent trialing, selection and preservation of the best locally adapted seed, will we be self-sufficient and secure in feeding our communities now and in the future.


10 Emery Rd.
Summerside, PEI

Canada  C1N 4J8

(902) 436-5180

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