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We Have So Much While Many In The World Have So Little. How Can We Share Our Good Fortune?

Our son Alex showed us how! Alex is part of our farm partnership here on PEI, but staying put was not his passion. Helping those in need is! He spent so many months over the past 5 years of travelling back and forth to Uganda to volunteer at an orphanage.


In January 2019, Alex was invited to volunteer at a different orphanage — Love Uganda. He was warned that it was ‘primitive’ and remote, and so it was: 19 children aged 3 to 14, living in a rented house with no water, no furniture, cooking meals on an open fire, no bathroom (but a hole in the ground). But they had shelter, they had food, they weren’t on the street, they weren’t abused. They were safe! However… there was no money.

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The Love Uganda Foundation presently accommodates 20 orphaned children aged 4 to 14 in a rented house. While this provides them with safe shelter from the streets and abusive homes, the conditions are poor and funds for bare necessities are scarce. The organization has land but money needs to be raised to build a sustainable orphanage. This is where you come in.

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Pledge your support for a 5-house orphanage to shelter 50 of Uganda’s at-risk children. Together we can build a home and a new future for the children of Love Uganda. Donations via Devxchange are eligible for Canadian tax receipts.

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