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Summerside Farmers' Market & Farm Gate Sales.

At Emmerdale Eden Farm we provide our valued customers with the option to shop at the Summerside Farmers' Market or at our Farm Gate.


Please contact us with your order for Farm Gate sales at or call 902-436-5180. We do have some produce readily available in the fridge, but other items may have to be bagged or cheese cut at the market.


Let's all work together and keep each other safe and healthy.


—Tina & Arthur Davies



We have provided pricing for dry goods and cheeses, herbs and spices, with more to come (prices are subject to change without notice). Contact us to place your order and inquire about our stock/availability. Visit us on Facebook to hear our news and weekly offers!


Please visit PEI Seed Alliance for our latest catalogue of seeds for sale.

50% of sales from seeds and herbs & spices will be donated to building Love Uganda Orphanage.

Learn more about the campaign.

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